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Celebrating 20 Years of Hybrid Leadership

Toyota Prius
Pho­to by Toyo­ta

The first-generation Prius was launched in October 1997 as the world’s first mass-produced hybrid electric passenger vehicle.

Over the last 20 ye­ars, a lot has chan­ged – from the way we com­mu­ni­ca­te and en­ter­tain our­sel­ves to the way we see the world around us. Back in 1997, Toyo­ta in­tro­du­ced the ico­nic Prius, a car that chan­ged the way we dri­ve. It was the very first elec­tric car that didn’t need char­ging thanks to the ground-bre­a­king in­no­va­ti­ve hy­brid te­ch­no­logy at its he­art.
To­day, 20 ye­ars la­ter, we con­ti­nue to in­no­va­te and evol­ve our hy­brid elec­tric te­ch­no­logy, whi­ch is now avai­la­ble across the ma­jo­rity of our mo­del ran­ge and al­re­ady en­joyed by over 11 mil­li­on dri­vers around the glo­be.
To mark the 20th an­ni­ver­sary of our hy­brid le­a­dership, we pay ho­ma­ge to the ico­nic Toyo­ta Prius, the car that sin­gle-han­de­dly star­ted the hy­brid re­vo­lu­ti­on. To­gether with one of the world’s le­a­ding as­trophy­si­cists, we gave Prius its very own pla­ce among the stars. For­med of 100 stars na­med af­ter his­to­ri­cal, con­cept and cur­rent Toyo­ta mo­dels, the Prius Cons­tel­la­ti­on can be seen from anywhe­re in the northern he­misphe­re for ge­ne­ra­ti­ons to come.

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