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The BMW i8 Roadster is coming: time for the next look.

The ultimate progressive sports car in its final testing phase in Plant Leipzig.

BMW i is lo­o­king forward to wel­co­ming the third mem­ber of the BMW i fa­mily. In 2018 the BMW i8 Ro­ads­ter will un­lock the door to a who­le new di­men­si­on in pi­o­ne­e­ring open-top dri­ving ple­a­su­re – vir­tu­ally si­lent and with zero lo­cal emis­si­ons. Here’s the next look in Plant Leip­zig:
BMW i opens up new tar­get groups for the com­pany and ser­ves as an in­cu­ba­tor for in­no­va­ti­ons. Te­ch­no­lo­gi­es whi­ch have de­bu­ted suc­ces­s­fully in BMW i cars are car­ri­ed over to pa­rent brand BMW’s other mo­dels.

BMW i is also as­so­ci­a­ted with en­ter­pri­ses in­clu­ding Dri­ve­Now (car sha­ring), Re­a­ch­Now (car sha­ring 2.0), Char­ge­Now (easy ac­cess to the world’s lar­gest network of char­ging points), Park­Now (straight­forward lo­ca­ti­on, re­ser­va­ti­on and pay­ment of par­king spa­ces), ven­tu­re ca­pi­tal com­pany BMW i Ven­tu­res (in­vest­ment in start-up com­pa­ni­es with a fo­cus on ur­ban mo­bi­lity), BMW Energy (energy op­ti­mi­sa­ti­on ser­vi­ces) and the Cen­tre of Com­pe­ten­ce for Ur­ban Mo­bi­lity (con­sul­tancy for ci­ti­es).

About BMW i

BMW i is a BMW Group brand fo­cu­sing on con­nec­ted mo­bi­lity ser­vi­ces, vi­si­o­nary vehi­cle con­cepts and a new un­ders­tan­ding of pre­mium stron­gly de­fi­ned by sus­tai­na­bi­lity. BMW i is re­pre­sen­ted in 54 coun­tri­es with the BMW i3 elec­tric car for ur­ban are­as, BMW i8 plug-in hy­brid sports car and plug-in hy­brid BMW iPer­for­man­ce Au­to­mo­bi­les.

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