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Vanquish S Ultimate: Flagship Super GT celebrated with stunning special edition

Ultimate edition based on acclaimed Vanquish S Coupe and Volante

Unique detailing, including carbon fibre side strake with rose gold Ultimate’ decal

Available in three striking paint schemes with choice of three tailored interior themes

Production volume limited to 175 cars globally

Orders now being taken for delivery Spring 2018

Van­quish. One of the world’s gre­at Su­per GTs and the quin­tes­sen­ti­al As­ton Mar­tin. To ce­le­bra­te this much-lo­ved and highly-ac­clai­med flagship as it en­ters the fi­nal pha­se of its pro­duc­ti­on life, As­ton Mar­tin has cre­a­ted a very spe­ci­al mo­del to bid a fa­rewell: The Van­quish S Ul­ti­ma­te.

Like the re­gu­lar Van­quish S, the Ul­ti­ma­te edi­ti­on is powe­red by As­ton Martin’s le­gen­dary na­tu­rally-as­pi­ra­ted 6.0-litre V12. With 595bhp and a spec­ta­cu­lar sound­track, scin­til­la­ting per­for­man­ce is gua­ran­te­ed. An 8-spe­ed Tou­ch­tro­nic III au­to­ma­tic trans­mis­si­on gi­ves an im­pres­si­ve com­bi­na­ti­on of res­pon­se and re­fi­ne­ment, whi­le 3-sta­ge adap­ti­ve dam­ping and car­bon ce­ra­mic bra­kes com­ple­te a pac­ka­ge born to de­li­ver one of the gre­at mo­dern dri­ving ex­pe­ri­en­ces.

Li­mi­ted to just 175 cars worldwi­de, the Ul­ti­ma­te edi­ti­on is avai­la­ble in Cou­pe or Vo­lan­te form and is avai­la­ble in a choi­ce of th­ree ex­te­ri­or co­lour sche­mes whi­ch have been thought­fully craf­ted by the As­ton Mar­tin de­sign team. In ad­di­ti­on to the spe­ci­ally cre­a­ted co­lour and trim pac­ka­ges the­re are a sui­te of de­tails that are also uni­que to the Van­quish S Ul­ti­ma­te. The­se in­clu­de car­bon fi­bre side stra­kes fe­a­tu­ring rose gold Ul­ti­ma­te‘ de­cals, car­bon fi­bre tre­ad­pla­tes and an Ul­ti­ma­te’ sill pla­que, a spe­ci­al stit­ched quil­ting de­sign on the se­ats, plus Ul­ti­ma­te’ he­a­drest em­broi­dery.

The first of the­se De­sig­ner The­mes is a mo­no­ch­ro­me de­sign that ma­tes Ul­ti­ma­te Black paintwork – – a nod to the first ge­ne­ra­ti­on Van­quish S Ul­ti­ma­te Edi­ti­on, for whi­ch this co­lour was first cre­a­ted – with Cop­per Bron­ze graphics around the front air in­ta­ke, along the side sills and on the rear dif­fu­ser. De­tai­ling in­clu­des black exhaust tail­pi­pes, bra­ke ca­li­pers, win­dow trims and 5-spo­ke whe­els, plus ex­ten­si­ve use of car­bon fi­bre for the bon­net lou­vres, front gril­le and side stra­kes. The in­te­ri­or fe­a­tu­res Ob­si­di­an Black le­ather with Chest­nut Tan ac­cents and stit­ching and car­bon fi­bre twill fa­cia.

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The se­cond De­sig­ner The­me ta­kes ins­pi­ra­ti­on from the look and ma­te­ri­als used in te­ch­ni­cal sportswe­ar. The stri­king com­bi­na­ti­on of Xe­non Grey paint and con­tras­ting Co­balt Blue graphics com­bi­ne per­fec­tly with the Ultimate’s car­bon fi­bre and black trim. Yel­low bra­ke ca­li­pers pro­vi­de further con­trast behind gloss black 5-spo­ke al­loys. The same fa­mily of ex­te­ri­or hues con­ti­nue to the in­te­ri­or, whe­re Elec­tron Yel­low ac­cents and Spec­tral Blue stit­ching stand out against the Phan­tom Grey le­ather uphols­tery.

The third of the De­sig­ner The­mes con­sists of cool Whi­te Gold paintwork and warm Bron­ze graphics wor­king bril­li­an­tly with gloss black and car­bon fi­bre ex­te­ri­or de­tai­ling. Chest­nut Tan le­ather with Ob­si­di­an Black ac­cents puts a con­tem­po­rary twist on a tra­di­ti­o­nal co­lour com­bi­na­ti­on, whi­le the spec­ta­cu­lar cu­prum car­bon fi­bre fa­cia is a vi­su­al de­light.

In ad­di­ti­on to the De­sig­ner The­mes, cus­to­mers can elect to com­bi­ne any ex­te­ri­or sche­me and in­te­ri­or pac­ka­ge as a no-cost op­ti­on.

Ma­rek Rei­ch­man, As­ton Mar­tin Chi­ef Cre­a­ti­ve Of­fi­cer, said: With the Ul­ti­ma­te Edi­ti­on we have ac­cen­tu­a­ted the Van­quish S’s uni­que blend of tra­di­ti­on, te­ch­no­logy and crafts­manship with a se­lec­ti­on of th­ree bold ex­te­ri­or paint sche­mes and hu­gely ap­pe­a­ling in­te­ri­or pac­ka­ges that make cre­a­ti­ve use of ex­ci­ting ma­te­ri­als. Our de­sign team has cre­a­ted th­ree uni­que the­mes whi­ch uni­te an ex­te­ri­or and in­te­ri­or pac­ka­ge, but we have been ca­re­ful to en­su­re each ex­te­ri­or co­lour and in­te­ri­or the­me work well to­gether to of­fer our cus­to­mers ma­xi­mum choi­ce”.

As­ton Mar­tin VP & Chi­ef Sa­les Of­fi­cer, Ch­ris­ti­an Mar­ti said of the Van­quish S Ul­ti­ma­te Edi­ti­on: Sin­ce the Van­quish was first in­tro­du­ced it im­me­di­a­tely es­ta­blished it­self as the pin­na­cle of our se­ri­es pro­duc­ti­on ran­ge. It has sin­ce evol­ved into a truly for­mi­da­ble ma­chi­ne. As the much-lo­ved and highly-ac­clai­med Van­quish S ne­ars the end of pro­duc­ti­on, we wan­ted to ce­le­bra­te its suc­cess with a li­mi­ted run of very spe­ci­al cars. The Ul­ti­ma­te edi­ti­on per­fec­tly cap­tu­res the spi­rit of Van­quish and is sure to be sought af­ter by col­lec­tors around the world”.

Pri­ced at £211,995 (UK) /​€278,995 (Ger­many) for the Van­quish S Ul­ti­ma­te Edi­ti­on Cou­pe, and £223,995 (UK) /​€293,995 (Ger­many) for the Vo­lan­te, or­ders are now being ta­ken with first de­li­ve­ri­es sche­du­led for Q1 2018.

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