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Portugal: prouder than I can tell

Por­tugal: prouder than I can tell Por­tugal, I can­not feel more proud of our sport women and men. Sail­ing, Foot­ball, Motor­s­ports, Judo, Kayak­ing, Ath­let­ics, Ten­nis, the dif­fer­ent expres­sions of eques­tri­an activ­it­ies, and so many oth­er sports; We have all the reas­ons in the world to be proud. They are men and women who ded­ic­ate their lives to what they love and giv­ing their hearts to the coun­try where they are from. No mat­ter their ori­gins, they abdic­ated of all the things we take essen­tial for life, so that one day we can hear…

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Millennium Estoril Open 2016: Pablo Carreño-Busta Vs Nicolas Alamagro

Mil­len­ni­um Estor­il Open 2016: Pablo Car­reño-Busta Vs Nic­olas Ala­magro Today, the col­ours of Spain over­flow the Clube de Tén­is do Estor­il. Nic­olas Almagro (#71) will face fel­low coun­try­man Pablo Car­reño-Busta (#50), from the #Nex­t­Gen, for the first time ever in an all-span­ish final of the Mil­len­ni­um Estor­il Open. Car­reño-​Busta is com­mit­ted to reach the second ATP final of his career, the first at Mil­len­ni­um Estor­il Open. Almagro has exper­i­ence and spe­cial­ized in dirt, where he got the most of his 12 ATP titles in 23 finals. Who will win? Exper­i­ence or…

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A Spanish Sunday at Millennium Estoril Open

A Span­ish Sunday at Mil­len­ni­um Estor­il Open Pablo Car­reño Busta and Nic­olas Almagro face to face for the first time in their careers. Car­reña Busta, the #Nex­t­Gen great hope asks for his first win in a ATP tour­na­ment. Nic­olas Almagro move away Nick Kyr­gios who was look­ing to make the final in Estor­il for the second straight year (lost title to Richard Gas­quet in 2015). The young Aus­trali­an reached his cam­paign in the Por­tuguese ATP 250 in a face to face with the wind and the extraordin­ary con­sist­ency of the Span­iard who…

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Carreño Busta on route to the final at Millennium Estoril Open 2016

Car­reño Busta on route to the final at Mil­len­ni­um Estor­il Open 2016 Again­st all winds that were felt today in the Mil­len­ni­um Sta­di­um, the Span­ish ten­nis play­er won the French Ben­oit Paire and got a place in the grand finale at the Estor­il tour­na­ment. “The con­di­tions were very tricky and it was not easy to play with all that wind. But the import­ant thing is to win and be in the final “said Car­reño Busta after the game that earned him a second time pres­ence in a ATP final. After 1h13 of game Car­reño…

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MILLENNIUM ESTORIL OPEN 2016 – SEMI-FINALS: ALL BE READY TO MEET PAIRE # 21 CARREÑO-BUSTA # 50, ALMAGRO #71 AND KYRGIOS # 20 Today semi-finals will be dis­puted in Mil­len­ni­um Sta­di­um and great matches are expec­ted: Car­reño Busta Vs Paire; Almagro Vs Kyr­gios; Nick Kry­gios defeated his fel­low #Nex­t­Gen Borna Cor­ic, 6 – 4 6 – 4, in just 69 minutes. The 21 year-old aus­sie will face span­iard Nic­olas Almagro for a place in the Mil­len­nni­um Estor­il Open final, for the second straight year. It will be a match between two gen­er­a­tions and two strik­ingly dif­fer­ent styles…

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