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United Autosport Ligier JS P217 Gibson #32 | Photo Jakob Ebrey General MotorSports 

ELMS: Great win of Filipe Albuquerque

Filipe Albuquerque United Autosport Ligier JSP217 - Gibson #32 | Photo Jakob Ebrey Photography
Filipe Albuquer­que United Auto­sport Ligi­er JSP217 – Gib­son #32 | Pho­to Jakob Ebrey Pho­to­graphy

By JoaoLamares
Trans­la­tion Paula Lamares | Pho­to AdrenalMedia/​Jakob Ebrey Pho­to­graphy

Filipe Albuquer­que (United Auto­sports Ligi­er JS P217 # 32) won the first race of the European Le Mans Series at Sil­ver­stone, on Sat­urday.

When it came to the last stint, one hour from the end of the race, Albuquer­que was third and with a han­di­cap over 30s for the first. The Por­tuguese driver knew it would be dif­fi­cult, but bet­ter tire’s man­age­ment allowed him to step on the edge and got a vic­tory that he thought it was not pos­sible at the car and team’s debut in the LMP2 cat­egory.

It’s the best way to start but we still have a lot of work to do, it’s import­ant that we keep the per­form­ance and work the Ligi­er as best as pos­sible, and my team­mates are very motiv­ated and the team determ­ined to reach the best pos­sible res­ults, ingredi­ents for a suc­cess­ful sea­son ” Albuquer­que said.

Andrea Roda (ITA) / Matthew McMurry (USA) / Andrea Pizzitola (FRA) - ALGARVE PRO RACING - Ligier JSP217 - Gibson | Photo Jakob Ebrey Photography
Andrea Roda (ITA) /​Mat­thew McMurry (USA) /​Andrea Pizzit­ola (FRA) – ALGARVE PRO RACING – Ligi­er JSP217 – Gib­son | Pho­to Jakob Ebrey Pho­to­graphy

The Algarve Pro also did quite well, at least as far as the gear­box allowed it. The Algarve-based team even had pro­vi­sion­al pole, but one with qual­i­fy­ing start­ing five minutes before the end due to a red flag situ­ation, the team pre­ferred to save tires and to start from the 5th place of the grid.

When Mat­thew McMurry took the wheel, the team fol­lowed in second and so it con­tin­ued until the gear­box gave way, for­cing the Amer­ic­an pilot to give up.

How­ever the mark of the good per­form­ance achieved and that, in the future, we can count on them for the dis­cus­sion of the places on the podi­um.

United Autosport Ligier JS P3 Nissan #2 | Photo Jakob Ebrey Photography
United Auto­sport Ligi­er JS P3 Nis­san #2 | Pho­to Jakob Ebrey Pho­to­graphy

With the vic­tory in the LMP3 class, United Auto­sports made his­tory and became the first team to win in dif­fer­ent cat­egor­ies in the same race. The cur­rent title hold­er in the LMP3 cat­egory, left Ligi­er JS P3 # 6 at 41.166 seconds and also placed his second Ligi­er JS P3 # 3 at the bot­tom of the podi­um.

In the LMGTE, the TF sport, that last year won the Mich­elin GT3 Cup and this year it debuts in the LMGTE class, won the race with the Aston Mar­tin V8 Vant­age # 90 leav­ing the Porsche 911 RSR # 77 of the Pro­ton com­pet­i­tion one lap away. In third place on the podi­um was the cur­rent Aston Mar­tin V8 Vant­age # 99 hold­er of the ELMS title LMGTE.

TF Sport Aston Martin Vantage V8 #90 | Photo Jakob Ebrey Photography
TF Sport Aston Mar­tin Vant­age V8 #90 | Pho­to Jakob Ebrey Pho­to­graphy

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