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Norma M30 LMP3 YMR/M.Racing European Le Mans Series General MotorSports 

Interview with Norbert Santos

Norma M30 | Norma autoconcept.
Nor­ma M30 | Nor­ma auto­con­cept.

Via Nor­ma Press Office/​Marie-​Pierre Dupasquier

Hel­lo Norbert. It’s offi­cial, two Nor­ma M30 cars will be tak­ing part in the ELMS this year, entered by Ore­gon Team and M.Racing (Yvan Muller). Are you happy?
Of course. To start with two Nor­ma teams among­st the most pres­ti­gi­ous taken on by the ACO for the 2017 cham­pi­on­ship is an excel­lent news for Nor­ma.

More announce­ments are to fol­low. Also, I’d like to point out that we are the only non-Ligi­er man­u­fac­turer in the P3 group. It’s a big chal­lenge.

Nor­ma M30 LMP3 by TDS Racing

TDS Racing will finally miss to enter the LMP3 cat­egory this year. What is the reas­on?
We won’t be see­ing TDS Racing in the LMP3 cat­egory this year. Thanks to the excel­lent 2016 res­ults, the team signed two con­tracts over the win­ter to enter the LMP2 cat­egory in the WEC cham­pi­on­ship.

As soon as it was offi­cial, Xavi­er (Combet) and Jac­ques (Morel­lo) con­tac­ted me to give me the news. Togeth­er, we agreed that TDS would give the LMP3 cat­egory a miss this year.

How­ever, we are still work­ing togeth­er on the pro­ject and we are already pre­par­ing our future col­lab­or­a­tion.

Are there oth­er cham­pi­on­ships on the agenda for the M30?
Abso­lutely. We’ll be tak­ing part in the VdeV, the Mich­elin Cup and later on in the Asi­an and oth­er nation­al and con­tin­ent­al cham­pi­on­ships. With teams like Brooks Racing, DB Auto and DKR Engin­eer­ing, believe me, we are quite ambi­tious.

Our pres­ence in the USA in IMSA for the first race in Sebring mid-March is also sure now.

We have been work­ing hard behind the scenes for months to pre­pare our arrival this sea­son with the M30, and we would love to see the M30 com­pete very soon again­st the four oth­er man­u­fac­tur­ers, wherever it is pos­sible.

Let’s talk about the M30, when will we see it?
Our first cars are being assembled and the first one will be in the hands of Romain Dumas in a few days. We will send out an ini­tial pho­to promptly.

Mid-Feb­ru­ary, the Nor­ma M30 will be on Amer­ic­an soil for the first time to pre­pare for IMSA. And this won’t be the only one, as four addi­tion­al Nor­ma M30s will soon cross the Atlantic.

But before the M30 has its first moments on the race­course, we still have 12 cars to deliv­er and numer­ous dis­cus­sions are under­way.

We have been really moved by the recog­ni­tion we received and this has pushed us to keep work­ing right up until the last minute on the M30 design. We need to be patient just a little longer.

All I can say is that the whole Nor­ma team, whose work­for­ce has increased by almost 50% in the last six months, is ready and rar­ing to ensure the suc­cess­ful launch of our LMP3.

Nor­ma M20 CN

Will the M20 CN still have an import­ant pos­i­tion in the Nor­ma pro­gram­me?
More than ever! The res­ults speak for them­selves. We have had the best CN on the mar­ket for years.

We pro­duce sev­er­al dozens of them every year. And this win­ter, the pace has speed up even more. Our work­shops are oper­at­ing at full throttle at the moment and new mar­kets have opened up to us.

Four Nor­ma M20s have been delivered in Flor­ida this win­ter. And oth­ers are to fol­low else­where. We also have our loy­al teams who are renew­ing their fleets, such as VdeV teams.

The M20 is still doing excel­lently and we have resources in mind and numer­ous ideas to improve its per­form­ance even more if neces­sary.






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