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Matt MacMurrry, Andrea Pissitola and Andrea Roda. Algarve Pro Line-up for ELMS General MotorSports 

ELMS: Algarve Pro announce European Le Mans Series LMP2 driver line-up.

Algarve Pro announce European Le Mans Series LMP2 driver line-up Ahead of the European Le Mans Series (ELMS) test later this month at Monza, Algarve Pro Racing today (16 March, 2017) announces that the Amer­ic­an Mat­thew McMurry and French­man Andrea Pizzit­ola will part­ner with Itali­an Andrea Roda in the team’s Ligi­er JS P217. The trio of drivers are famil­i­ar with each oth­er and the team, as they drove togeth­er dur­ing vari­ous parts of the Asi­an Le Mans Series, which Team Prin­cip­al Stew­art Cox thinks is an asset going into an…

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European Le Mans Series FIA-WEC MotorSports 

FIA-WEC and ELMS start this weekend at Silverstone

In the next week­end, the FIA-WEC and ELMS, two of the most import­ant motor­s­port endur­ance cham­pi­on­ships, will start at Sil­ver­stone. The FIA-WEC has the pres­ence of two Por­tuguese: Ped­ro Lamy in Aston Mar­tin, Filipe Albuquer­que in the new RGR by Mor­and Sports Team of the Mex­ic­an Ricar­do Gonza­lez (also known as Speedy Gonza­lez) and Bruno Sen­na as team­mate; already the ELMS will go through Por­tugal – Autódro­mo do Estor­il – where in the last two sea­sons it had decided the LMP2 and LMGTE cham­pi­on­ships and it will have the pres­ence…

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