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Matt MacMurrry, Andrea Pissitola and Andrea Roda. Algarve Pro Line-up for ELMS General MotorSports 

ELMS: Algarve Pro announce European Le Mans Series LMP2 driver line-up.

Algarve Pro announce European Le Mans Series LMP2 driver line-up Ahead of the European Le Mans Series (ELMS) test later this month at Monza, Algarve Pro Racing today (16 March, 2017) announces that the Amer­ic­an Mat­thew McMurry and French­man Andrea Pizzit­ola will part­ner with Itali­an Andrea Roda in the team’s Ligi­er JS P217. The trio of drivers are famil­i­ar with each oth­er and the team, as they drove togeth­er dur­ing vari­ous parts of the Asi­an Le Mans Series, which Team Prin­cip­al Stew­art Cox thinks is an asset going into an…

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#25 Algarve Pro Racing, Ligier JSP2 Nissan: Stewart Cox, Teammanager 24H Le Mans European Le Mans Series General MotorSports 

Algarve Pro Racing Team Manager Stewart Cox: “It would be great to have a Portuguese driver in our Portuguese team…”

It would be great to have a Por­tuguese driver in our Por­tuguese team…” Stew­art Cox was the Jord­an GP’s No 1 mech­an­ic­al 10 year. Then, when, in Por­tugal, every­one thought about the crisis, he saw an oppor­tun­ity: Our Sun, the way we wel­come people, the two per­man­ent race tracks not far from each oth­er and our prox­im­ity to Spain (and its per­man­ent struc­tures ded­ic­ated to motor­s­port), were reas­ons that jus­ti­fied to make a team based in Por­tugal (Albu­feira) – the Algarve Pro Racing team. With about 6 years, the Algarve Pro Racing is best…

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Algarve Pro Ligier JS P2 #25 European Le Mans Series MotorSports 

Well done Algarve Pro!

2016 European Le Mans Series – Round 3⁄6 4 Hours of Red Bull Ring – Race Report Resum­ing the 2016 European Le Mans Series (ELMS) sea­son after the team’s suc­cess­ful debut in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Algarve Pro scored its best ELMS res­ult to date at the 4 Hours of the Red Bull Ring (Aus­tria), fin­ish­ing 5th over­all with a new driv­ing line-up. After the 6-time Olympic Gold Medal­list Sir Chris Hoy ful­filled his dream of racing – and actu­ally fin­ish­ing – the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Algarve Pro…

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Start Le Mans 24 Hour – Circuit des 24H du Mans – Le Mans – France © Gabi Tomescu – 24H Le Mans FIA-WEC General MotorSports 

24h Le Mans: Toyota gets a mechanical damage minutes from victory

24h Le Mans: Toyota gets a mech­an­ic­al dam­age minutes from vic­tory Heart­broken. Heart­break­ing. It was in this way that the Twit­ter account of Toyota Motor­s­port summed up the mood after los­ing in the last four minutes what would be his first vic­tory in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Respect­ing the typ­ic­al fair play of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Porsche and Audi aware of the efforts made by the Japan­ese in the race as well as in pre­vi­ous years, were not indif­fer­ent and sent mes­sages of encour­age­ment to the col­leagues. …

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GT7D0982 European Le Mans Series MotorSports 

ELMS: G-Drive Racing Wins at Silverstone

ELMS G-Drive Racing Wins at Sil­ver­stone SMP Racing – New Rus­si­an team con­quests the second place So24 by Lom­bard gets the third. Screen­ing of Thiri­et by TDS Racing put off the French team The first race of the Europeen Les Mans Series was dis­puted today at Sil­ver­stone. Van Der Garde by G-Drive Racing team, at the wheel of Gib­son Nis­san, won the first place on the podi­um in the LMP2 cat­egory. The Rus­si­an team joined this year the Jota Sport, to man­age the tech­nic­al team. The Anglo-​Rus­si­an team led 96 of 118 laps,…

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