8 days to Le Mans : So24! by Lombard Racing

Of all the acts, the most complete is the one to build” Paul Valéry

Ligier JS P2 Judd #22 SO24! by Lombard Racing | Photo ©SO24 by Lombard Racing
Ligi­er JS P2 Judd #22 SO24! by Lom­bard Rac­ing | Pho­to ©SO24 by Lom­bard Rac­ing

Every­thing is in place and ready around the Cir­cuit de la Sarthe, so is also So24! by Lom­bard Rac­ing, con­cen­trat­ing and prepar­ing for the most beau­ti­ful endurance race in the world.

Dri­ver pre­sen­ta­tion:

Vin­cent Capil­laire is the local hero and can’t wait until he can start his home race, which he has com­plet­ed twice in the LMP2 cat­e­go­ry until today. In 2014, he drove the n°24 ORECA 03 of Sébastien Loeb Rac­ing to the 8th place in the gen­er­al clas­si­fi­ca­tion with his team mates, and 4th in the LMP2 cat­e­go­ry. The fol­low­ing year was not as suc­cess­ful, as the Sig­nat­e­ch Alpine A450b was forced to with­draw after an acci­dent. In 2016, he will be the Sil­ver dri­ver of the So24! by Lom­bard Rac­ing Team.

Vincent Capillaire, SO24! by Lombard Racing | Photo SO 24! by Lombard Racing
Vin­cent Capil­laire, SO24! by Lom­bard Rac­ing | Pho­to SO 24! by Lom­bard Rac­ing

British dri­ver, Jonathan Cole­man is eager to dis­cov­er the most impres­sive endurance race in the world. He drove in the LMP2 cat­e­go­ry in 2015 and begin­ning of 2016 in the Euro­pean Le Mans Series, but will be at the start of the 24 Hours of Le Mans for the very first time next week. The Bronze dri­ver has gone through all the manda­to­ry steps, by dri­ving the ten laps at the test and going through the ACO sim­u­la­tor train­ing.

Jonathan Coleman, SO24! by Lombard Racing | Photo SO 24! by Lombard Racing
Jonathan Cole­man, SO24! by Lom­bard Rac­ing | Pho­to SO 24! by Lom­bard Rac­ing

The sec­ond French dri­ver Erik Maris, joined the team only a week days ago, before the test and will be rac­ing Le Mans 24 Hours for the third time. In 2014 he was at the wheel of an LMGTE Am Porsche 911 GT3 and at the wheel of a Ligi­er JS P2 in 2015 with Oak rac­ing. He share the wheel of the n°22 Ligi­er JSP2 with his team mates on Test day last Sun­day.


Erik Maris, SO24! by Lombard Racing | Photo SO 24! by Lombard Racing
Erik Maris, SO24! by Lom­bard Rac­ing | Pho­to SO 24! by Lom­bard Rac­ing

Three questions to local star Vincent Capillaire

How do you feel about the 24 Hours of Le Mans ?
This race is very spe­cial to me, first of all because I was born in Le Mans, just 300 meters from the cir­cuit in Tertre Rouge, so I have a strong link with the track. In addi­tion, I leave here, and I work here as an instruc­tor. In fact, I am a race dri­ver for the 24 Hours, but I also teach and train dri­vers and com­peti­tors all year long.

So you real­ly know the track ?
Yes, I spend a lot of time on this cir­cuit and I know a lot about how it changes dur­ing the day, at what time the sun shines here or there and there­fore where the track will be hot or cool. As we know it’s not a per­ma­nent track, so it will change a lot from the start to the end of the race and I can share some tips with my team­mates.

Tell us about your past expe­ri­ence at the 24 Hours
In 2014 I drove with French team Sebastien Loeb Rac­ing, which was made of two rook­ies and we fin­ished 4th of the LMP2 cat­e­go­ry and 8th over­all. That was real­ly a great race. Last year with Sig­nat­e­ch Alpine we were unlucky because we had to with­draw, but that’s rac­ing. Any­way, Le Mans is always great!

Next meet­ing with So24! by Lom­bard Rac­ing : The 24 Hours of Le Mans
Sun­day June 12th : 2:00 pm Tech­ni­cal and admini­tra­tive cheks in thoree cen­ter of Le Mans — Place de la République
Sat­ur­day June 18th / Sun­day 19th : 24 Hours of Le Mans 2016

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