Bentley Team M-Sport wins the Qualifying Race at Misano with a fantastic strategy stroke.

Blancpain GT Series Sprint Cup


Pho­tos Blanc­pain GT Series

GT rac­ing: Blanc­pain Gt series Qual­i­fy­ing race dic­tates the start­ing grid for the main race tomor­row.

After qual­i­fy­ing 1, 2 and 3, the dri­vers of the Blanc­pain GT Series per­form the Qual­i­fy­ing Race which deter­mines the start­ing grid for the main race tomor­row.

After a good start the Audi # 1 and # 4 of the WRT team took the lead of the race but the # 84 Mer­cedes of the team HTP, and # 333 Fer­rari of the team Rinal­di did not give rest to the #4 Audi and fought an excit­ing bat­tle for 2nd place. Fil­ipe Albu­querque by that strat­e­gy issues found him­self rel­e­gat­ed to 18th place on the grid (read here), and he made a remark­able recov­ery to give the 5th place to his team­mate.

With the open­ing of the win­dow ‘s time for cars to come to the pits for dri­ver change, most teams chose to do at first. But the # 8 Bent­ley of the M-Sport team, as well as the # 99 BMW of the Rowe, chose to do it at the end of the time allowed. It was this lit­tle strate­gic dif­fer­ence that deter­mined the final clas­si­fi­ca­tion with the # 8 Bent­ley and the # 99 BMW fin­ished in the top of the two posi­tions and defin­ing the first row of the grid for tomorrow’s race.

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Main Race Start­ing Grid

01 #8 Bent­ley team M-sport
#99 BMW Team Rowe

02 #1 Audi Team WRT
#4 Audi Team WRT

03 #84 Mer­cedes Team HTP
#333 Fer­rari Team­Ri­nal­di

04 #88 Mer­cedes Team Akka ASP
#28 Audi Team WRT

05 #75 Audi Team ISR
#58 McLaren Garage 59

06 #98 BMW team Rowe
#26 Audi Sain­te­loc

07 #90 Fer­rari AF Corse
#33 Audi Team WRT

17 #3 Audi Team WRT
#16 Lam­borgh­i­ni GRT Grass­er


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