Formula 1: Sai Alonso entra Sainz

RED BULL RING, AUSTRIA - JULY 01: Carlos Sainz Jr, Renault Sport F1 Team during the Austrian GP at Red Bull Ring on July 01, 2018 in Red Bull Ring, Austria. (Photo by Steven Tee / LAT Images)
RED BULL RING, AUSTRIAJULY 01: Car­los Sainz Jr, Renault Sport F1 Team dur­ing the Aus­tri­an GP at Red Bull Ring on July 01, 2018 in Red Bull Ring, Aus­tria. (Pho­to by Steven Tee / LAT Images)

Após o anún­cio de Alon­so que iria aban­donar a For­mu­la 1 na próx­i­ma tem­po­ra­da (provavel­mente para se dedicar à For­mu­la Indy), ficou-se na expacta­ti­va para saber quem o iria sub­sti­tuir.

Hoje a McLaren veio anun­ciar a con­tratação de Car­los Sainz para a época de 2019.

O pilo­to Espan­hol de 23 anos que actual­mente ocu­pa a 11ª posição no campe­ona­to de pilo­tos com 30 pon­tos, trans­fere-se da Renault Sport para a McLaren naque­la que é a sua 5ª tem­po­ra­da na dis­ci­plina rain­ha  do desporto automóv­el.

Zack Brown, CEO da McLaren Rac­ing, mostrou-se entu­si­as­ma­do com a con­tratação do Espan­hol.

Car­los brings with him the per­fect blend of youth and expe­ri­ence. Although he’s just 23, he’ll be start­ing his fifth sea­son in the sport with us and will bring with him a huge amount of rac­ing expe­ri­ence, both in For­mu­la 1 and with our part­ner Renault. It’s no secret that Car­los is a huge admir­er of Fernando’s, and it’s fit­ting that he will be step­ping into his seat as a Spaniard with a leg­endary name in motor­sport. We think he’ll be a great fit for McLaren and we’re real­ly excit­ed to have him join us from next sea­son and beyond.”,disse.

Já Car­los Sainz salien­tou que para si era par­tic­u­lar­mente impor­tante sub­sti­tuir o seu com­pa­tri­o­ta e ído­lo na equipa ingle­sa.

I’m delight­ed to final­ly be able to con­firm that I’ll be a McLaren dri­ver from the 2019 sea­son. It’s some­thing I’ve been look­ing at for a while and I’m very excit­ed about this next chap­ter in my career.I’ve been a McLaren fan for as long as I can remem­ber. It’s a great name in the sport with an incred­i­ble her­itage, and the list of dri­vers that have raced for McLaren over the years are among the heroes of For­mu­la 1.Fernando is of course one of them, so it’s par­tic­u­lar­ly spe­cial that I’ll be tak­ing his seat as part of the next gen­er­a­tion of Span­ish rac­ing dri­vers behind the wheel of a McLaren.Finally, I’d like to thank every­one at McLaren for giv­ing me this oppor­tu­ni­ty to ful­fil a child­hood dream. The team has a long-term plan for the future and I’m very much look­ing for­ward to play­ing a key role in its jour­ney back to suc­cess.

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