The BMW i8 Roadster is coming: time for the next look.

The ultimate progressive sports car in its final testing phase in Plant Leipzig.

BMW i is look­ing for­ward to wel­com­ing the third mem­ber of the BMW i fam­i­ly. In 2018 the BMW i8 Road­ster will unlock the door to a whole new dimen­sion in pio­neer­ing open-top dri­ving plea­sure – vir­tu­al­ly silent and with zero local emis­sions. Here’s the next look in Plant Leipzig:
BMW i opens up new tar­get groups for the com­pa­ny and serves as an incu­ba­tor for inno­va­tions. Tech­nolo­gies which have debuted suc­cess­ful­ly in BMW i cars are car­ried over to par­ent brand BMW’s oth­er mod­els.

BMW i is also asso­ci­at­ed with enter­pris­es includ­ing Dri­veNow (car shar­ing), Reach­Now (car shar­ing 2.0), ChargeNow (easy access to the world’s largest net­work of charg­ing points), Par­kNow (straight­for­ward loca­tion, reser­va­tion and pay­ment of park­ing spaces), ven­ture cap­i­tal com­pa­ny BMW i Ven­tures (invest­ment in start-up com­pa­nies with a focus on urban mobil­i­ty), BMW Ener­gy (ener­gy opti­mi­sa­tion ser­vices) and the Cen­tre of Com­pe­tence for Urban Mobil­i­ty (con­sul­tan­cy for cities).

About BMW i

BMW i is a BMW Group brand focus­ing on con­nect­ed mobil­i­ty ser­vices, vision­ary vehi­cle con­cepts and a new under­stand­ing of pre­mi­um strong­ly defined by sus­tain­abil­i­ty. BMW i is rep­re­sent­ed in 54 coun­tries with the BMW i3 elec­tric car for urban areas, BMW i8 plug-in hybrid sports car and plug-in hybrid BMW iPer­for­mance Auto­mo­biles.



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