Top Ten Most Fuel Efficient Vehicles for 2017

Hyundai IONIQ Electric | photo by Hyundai
Hyundai IONIQ Elec­tric | pho­to by Hyundai

By Elec­tri­CarsRe­port

Accord­ing to the web­site (the offi­cial U.S. gov­ern­ment source for fuel econ­o­my infor­ma­tion), the list of the top ten most fuel effi­cient light vehi­cles includes nine elec­tric vehi­cles and one plug-in hybrid-elec­tric vehi­cle.

Elec­tric vehi­cle fuel econ­o­my is mea­sured in miles (1m=1.61Km) per gal­lon (1gal=3.785l) equiv­a­lent, or MPGe, where 33.7 kilo­watt-hours of elec­tric­i­ty is equal to one gal­lon of gaso­line.

The Hyundai Ion­iq Elec­tric, with a com­bined city/highway fuel econ­o­my of 136 MPGe tops the list for mod­el year (MY) 2017.

Three vehi­cles tied for the fifth spot on the list – the Fiat 550e, the Mit­subishi i-MiEV, and the Nis­san Leaf – with 112 MPGe.

The BMW i3 REX, a range-extend­ed elec­tric vehi­cle, has a com­bined gasoline/electric city/highway fuel econ­o­my rat­ing of 88 MPGe.

Top Ten Most Fuel Efficient Vehicles for 2017

Hyundai Ion­iq Elec­tric — 136MPGe (57,84KM/l)

BMW i3 BEV (60 Amp-hour bat­tery) — 124MPGe (52,42km/l)

Chevro­let Bolt EV — 119MPGe (50,61KM/l)

BMW i3 BEV (94 Amp-hour bat­tery) — 118MPGe (50,19km/l)

Fiat 500e — 112MPGe (47,64 Km/l)

Mit­subishi i-MiEV — 112MPGe (47,64 Km/l)

Nis­san Leaf — 112MPGe (47,64 Km/l)

Kia Soul EV — 105MPGe (44,66 Km/l)

BMW i3 REX (94 Amp-hour bat­tery) 0.6 L, 2 cyl — 88MPGe (39,98 Km/l)

Mer­cedes-Benz B250e — 84MPGe (35,73 Km/l)


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